As we can clearly see that with increased user engagement and increasing user presence online, the amount of customer data is increasing considerably. Infact there are businesses finding it hard to manage customer data and struggling hard to sum it up in a way which makes sense. Managing customer data also makes sense as we not only need to just store data so that we can use it when needed, but we also need to analyse this data to have a better understanding of our businesses.

Earlier and even today too, there are many businesses who use traditional identity management technologies to manage customer data. but as the things are growing, there are several issues being raised with this approach.

Let’s have a look at some of the shortcomings of using traditional customer identity management platforms:

Can’t be scaled!


The traditional identity management solutions were made to handle customer data in a limited way. This means that, you can store the data only upto a certain mark but it’s hard to scale it up because they are not made that way. Moreover, traditional customer identity management use traditional applications too which sometimes are not compatible with current ongoing applications which is a major issue. Apart from that, nowadays, the capacity of data needed to be stored is too large which is hard to be handled by traditional systems

Aren’t that secured!

Traditional identity management solution were not built considering security. But as the time has passed and things are changed, there is always a risk of data leak, being hacked or just losing the important user data. With the cyber laws being strict, it has became very important for businesses to manage the data is the best secure way possible.

How Cloud Identity management solution can help!

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Using cloud identity management solution, marketers can get insights of the customer which are looking for. CIAM provides customer’s data in a unified way which helps in having better understanding of the customers. This data helps a lot in future marketing and engaging with existing customers in a better way.

Cloud identity management is the only solution which can store data in a secure way. Secured data encryption makes sure that data is in safe hands

Nice user experience is also a plus point of CIM as it provides seamless experiences across multiple domains of an organisation which helps not only in getting more customers but also in improving conversions too

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